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In continuation of the previous order No. dated 20th January 2022, the IQAC of the college is reconstituted for the term one year with the approvable of care taker G.B. w.e.f. with the following members in the capacities mentioned against each of them.

SL. No.NameRepresentationDesignation
1 Dr. Irom Kunjabati Devi, Principal i/c Head of Institution Chairman
2 Maibam Gyneshwori Devi, HOD, Botany Dept. Faculty Member Coordinator
3 Dr. Kh. Madhubir Singh Faculty Member Co-coordinator
4 Prof. Kh. Dorendrajit Singh, Prof. Dept. of Physics M.U. Stakeholder Advisor
5 P. Shantikumar Singh, Add. Director, UHE Employer Representative Advisor
6 N. Ronald Singh, Sr. Finance Officer, UHE GB Member Advisor
7 Kabrambam Shusilkumar Singh, Physics Dept. Faculty Member Member
8 Dr. Konsam Surchandra Singh Asst. Prof. Chemistry Dept. Faculty Member Member
9 Yanglem Loijing Khomba Khuman, Asst. Prof. Computer Science Dept. Faculty Member Member
10 Chingakham Shanti Devi, Asst. Prof. Chemistry Dept. Faculty Member Member
11 Jadhumani Singh Ahongshangbam, Asst.Prof. Food Tech. Dept. Faculty Member Member
12 Ch. Ponykumar Singh, Asst. Prof. Computer Science Dept., Moodle master Trainer Faculty Member Member
13 Takhellambam Kumudini Devi, Asst. Prof. Botany Dept. Faculty Member Member
14 Soubam Ibemcha Chanu, Asst. Prof. Chemistry Dept. Faculty Member Member
15 Takyenjam Surmala Devi , Librarian N-List Nodal Officer Member
16 Nirmala Pradhan , UDC Alumni Member
17 Laishram Sunil Singh, Ultra Tech Technology Industrialist Member
18 Dr. Sanasam Sanjeev, Asst. Prof. , Biotechnology, Nodal Officer, AISHE Faculty Member Member
19 Laishram Johnson Singh, Computer Operator Non Teaching Staff Member
20 R.K. Memsana, Asst. Prof. ZoologyDept. Coordinator, NSS Unit-2 Faculty Member Member
21 Dr. H.Nandakumar Singh, Asst. Prof. Food technology Faculty Member Member
22 Naorem Ibomcha Meitei, Head Clerk Non-Teaching Member
23 Hirom Victoria, Accountant Non Teaching Member

List of IQAC Report (Upload Date)